Children off to Uni?

They're off again!  Give them something practical to go with which is really useful and a great Laundry Idea!

I cannot tell you enough how much of a help they are to me (Lucie with three daughters!).   These quality strong net bags with sturdy zips are great for keeping their belongings together when doing their Laundry at Uni.  Avoids students leaving items in the machine (lost property) at the end of the cycle and can cut costs if they share a washing machine and happy that their clothes are kept separated.  Using two bags; one to sort dirty whites and the other, dirty dark's, makes life easier when they do their washing.  If your children have access to a tumble-dryer, they can just transfer the net bag with all their washing still inside.  You don't need to fill them completely and don't overload them, keeping a small space to allow clothes to move freely.

These Net Bags have also helped me keep their washing separate when the children pop home from Uni with a few loads!  

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The Net Bags work so well, we now use them at home and are fantastic for keeping: 

  • any belongings together, not only in the wash but also sorting beforehand
  • individuals clothes separate, particularly if you have a few children and don't know who's clothes are who's!
  • separate - different sports kits
  • delicate items with straps away from other clothes to avoid tangling or catching on other items
  • any washable trainers/shoes which you don't want loose in the wash
  • dressing gowns with cords or belts or other items with long ties or bands to stop them twisting up and potentially damaging other items


This is what Alexandra from Newcastle University said, 'They're grrrrrt!  I use my net bags in my room at Uni to sort my clothes as I wear them, helping me to keep it tidy!  I don't lose anything anymore and can throw my washing in with friends when there is room or when we need to do a small, quick wash.  I also find them fab for transporting all my washing back home ready for Mum!'

The Net Wash Bags come in two sizes Large and Small.  The small size (Bra Bags) are good for protecting other items from bras or keeping socks together or simply protecting small delicate items.  

Lastly, the large bags have a tag where you can put a name plus a handle for carrying or to hang up on a door!  Our Net Bags just make life easier.  That just about says it all.  Happy Days :)