Image of Julu Doris Beech Natural Clothes Airer, Off the Wall and out of the way.


Founded and designed by Lucie – married, busy working mum with three daughters, works as a teaching assistant in her local junior school. Qualified in interior design, Lucie has natural creative skills which she has used to renovate their house with lots of extra clever finishing touches, including the Laundry Ladder clothes airer. 

Co-founder Julia – married mother of a young boy. Julia is a part time holistic therapist with a background in various businesses who has been brought on board by Lucie, who wanted help in making the wall mounted clothes airer a success in the UK! Julia has worked as an event organiser and a self-employed rep, equipping her with good organisational skills plus knowledge of sales. 

Friends since the age of nine, both farmers’ daughters and having gone to school together, Julia and Lucie have made dens, mud pies and now share the trials and tribulations of business! Both in their 50’s they have created Julu which promises to bring you new innovative products which they hope will revolutionise the way you look at your domestic problem solving, the first of which is the ‘Laundry Ladder’.

Fifteen years ago, whilst re-building their house, Lucie and her husband decided it was an opportune time to re-think their clothes drying area within a tiny utility space. Wanting to use a pulley maid but realising they did not have the sufficient ceiling height, Lucie sat down with ‘pen and paper’ from which a wall mounted clothes airer was born.  Julia, seeing this clever clothes airer knew she could help with the UK business side and together they have developed the product for manufacture.   

It is the most incredibly simple device which really works, cleverly solving many problems people face with drying their laundry and it is genuinely attractive!   


Its simple operating system makes for effortless changing of position, allowing you to alter its height in an instant without the removal of any items.

Small items can be placed on the back rails and larger, longer items on the front.  The Laundry Ladder is lowered and raised by pulling or loosening the cord, using the spindle as a guide.  

The hook is used to secure the Laundry Ladder when it’s in the required position; up or down, or to be stored away.

Stylish wooden spindle to wrap the cord around easing the pulley system. The cord allows you to simply, pulley the front frame up and down for ease of loading and effortless access past even in the smallest spaces.  


Time is precious for us all and the Laundry Ladder will give a great boost to any home, especially on those mundane laundry days.

Creating a truly unique solution which enables you to spend more time on what is important.

The laundry ladder is a portable wall mounted clothes airer, easily transported to a wall outside making use of sunny days.


Julu is proud that the Laundry Ladder, is British designed. They are made from Pine wood sourced in New Zealand and manufactured in Vietnam.  It has great strength with charming appeal.  The wood is responsibly sourced in keeping with FCS Regulations.

Julu believe they have come up with a wonderful answer to an ageless problem.

The Laundry Ladder in white gives a contemporary look to a more modern home.  White on a strong vibrant wall colour works well and with the choice of black or white brackets you can enhance this look and compliment your own style.