Laundry Ladder

Your space-saving stylish drying friend

Introducing the Laundry Ladder

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"I brought this ladder as a lifetime investment and after a week I am so pleased. Extremely practical and saves use of free standing clothes airers which can clutter small spaces. The ladder is the perfect solution to dry my uniforms over night ready for the next day."

Lauren Saunders

NHS Worker

"Received my laundry ladder and I love it, now I can see the floor in the utility room. Great finish, great idea"


"Thank you so much for the speedy delivery. It arrived yesterday, we put it up last night and has been used this morning. It’s perfect. "


"This is a great product - well made and easy to install. Fitted it in the utility room and have been using it regularly - it's perfect"


Ultra Runner & Ambassador of 80Noir Ultra

"I just ❤️ my new Julu Laundry ladder, it’s my best purchase of the year! So nice to no longer have an airer cluttering the floor space and see it neatly hung above a radiator in the laundry room. Prompt delivery, it’s well made, very effective and neat "