Our laundry ladder is now an award winning product

The Laundry Ladder Clothes Airer

clothes airer julu drying rack Copy

The Laundry Ladder, drying rack, the alternative wall mounted clothes airer to dry all your washing.  It is a beautifully made piece of furniture that does not need to be hidden away in the utility room, this British designed product is made to an exceptionally high standard and will last for many years.  

This clothes airer is available in:

Pine - comes with a choice of natural or painted white finish. 

There are two sizes to choose from.  The Laundry Ladder is a wonderful addition to your home.

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Julu Laundry Ladder Bracket

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Julu Clothes Airer White


The elegant clothes airer, the Laundry Ladder can be hung anywhere, and is designed to suit any room.

Ironing Laundry Ladder Clothes Airer


Spruce up your utility or laundry room, with this stylish wall hanging clothes airer.

Laundry Ladder Clothes Airer

Ready to use

This Ready to use clothes airer makes your everyday chores a little simpler, this airer needs no consideration where your washing will go, the Laundry Ladder is off the floor and out of the way, allowing children and life and to carry on freely without concern.

Laundry Ladder wooden clothes airer outside


The versatile Laundry Ladder can also be taken outside when the weather suits.

Clothes Airer Drying Rack

Brings a smile

The clothes airer, the 'Laundry Ladder' that brings a smile to your face, quickly and effortlessly hang your washing up to dry.

Clothes Airer Drying Rack


Living in harmony, the Laundry Ladder clothes airer unlike a clothes horse is not restricted to where you can put it, even when your pets come bounding in and out, there is no harm done to your washing as it is safely off the floor and out of reach.

Laundry Ladder Clothes Airer Brackets


Julu Hooks are available in two colours and come complete with every Laundry Ladder clothes airer.