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Laundry Ladder Installation Tip
Installing your new Laundry Ladder, many of our images show the laundry ladder hanging on the brackets from the top back frame. This blog is to highlight that you can use either the second or third rung down on the back frame to hang the laundry ladder on the brackets.
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Drying Your Camping Kit?
Drying Camping Kit after your camping holiday can be a daunting task, especially if the its raining.  Here the laundry ladder can be your friend and make this task less of a problem.
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Using Hangers Can Maximize Your Drying Space
When loading up your Laundry Ladder or any clothes airer, using coat hangers hugely increases the drying capacity of your drying rack.   There are other benefits of using coat hangers when drying your washing. The hanger opens out the Garment allowing...
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