Stringing (or threading) of the cord which is used to operate the Laundry Ladder so that you can pulley the front frame up and down.

Yes all you need is the correct type of fixing such as a cavity wall fixingto suit cantilever movement or seek advice from a local builder. 

Gee Fix Fittings have been recommended to work with the Laundry Ladder here is link to their website   Gee Fix Fittings

The unit can be operated from the left or right hand side, when we refer to this, it’s as you face it on the wall.

The laundry ladders are coated with a severe use varnish or paint which will not mark your washing? Click the image to watch the helpful YouTube clip

Julu would answer The Laundry Ladder.  This wall hanging airer makes use of wall space so your washing is off the floor and out the way.  It can also be used out side on sunny days.

If it's style you are looking for, perhaps you are renovating your utility or laundry room then the Laundry Ladder is for you. Are you looking for strong and stable? Well made from Wood the Laundry Ladder is both strong and stable.

The Laundry Ladder hangs on the wall,a utility or laundry room are ideal, but some of us do not have these, so bathroom, kitchen, hallway, or a landing can be just as effective.  Lucie has one available in her small airbnb apartment for guests to use.  Juila uses one in a small bedroom and when guests stay the Laundry Ladder becomes useful as a wardrobe for guests to hang their clothes on with hangers. 

Contact us and we can make the arrangments to collect and let you know any costs involved.

It is easy to string using the instructions which come with the unit, you can also use our video for stringing with is found in'technical information'on the About page (accessed from the top of the Homepage).

With an extra set of bracketslocated on a wall outside the Laundry Ladder can be taken outdoors on sunny days.

The drying area of Bunty isapproximately 9m and Doris is 12m.  If more space is needed you can increase the capacity significantly using coat-hangers. 

Bunty in Inches: 44 1/2 inches height  23 3/4 inches width   5 1/8 inches depth 

Doris in Inches: 44 1/2 inches height  31 1/2 inches width   5 1/8 inches depth 

When lifting what weight are the Laundry Ladders without anything on them?

Doris weighs 6kg max

Bunty weighs 5kg max

Pine is a soft wood Beech is a hard wood. Beech being a hard wood is more resilient to knocks and dents, Pine is lighter by about 1 kg. The other difference is the grain pine has a more detailed grain and beech has fine smooth grain. The grain is only noticeable in the clear lacquered natural units.

We only have one height size and two width sizes.


We regularly deliver Laundry Ladders in Europe the cost is approximately cost £35 - £45.  If you send us your full shipping address to  we can to send you a more accurate quote. Please be mindful there are certain areas which are more expensive.  

We have delivered Laundry Ladders to most continents but it can be expensive.  If you would like a quote for delivery please email us at with your address details and we will be happy to send you a delivery quotation.

Delivery in the UK Mainland is £15 including vat.  (However, it's slightly more for all UK Islands and the Scottish Highlands)For outside the UK we can get individual shipping quotes email us with your delivery address to: