White Wooden Clothes Airer shown in Hallway Sold by Julu White Wooden Clothes Airer shown in Hallway Sold by Julu

Introducing the Award winning laundry ladder

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Slightly open wooden clothes drying rack in utility room. Designed and made by Julu

The Laundry Ladder

stylish drying rack

Declutter Your Home

Clothes Airers & Clothes Horses clutter the home on wash day. The wall mounted laundry ladder is up off the floor, leaving the home uncluttered. Space saving and stylish the laundry ladder stores compactly on the wall, ready for use.


Made in wood not plastic the laundry ladder is built to last.

Air drying your washing is better for the planet and saves money.

Air drying is more gently on the clothes lengthening their life.

Aid To Independent Living

Keeping an open floor space is important for easy movability of wheel chair mobility scooters users. The laundry ladder hangs on the wall, allowing the floor space to be clear and uncluttered. Hang the laundry ladder at the appropriate height and wheel chair users can easily access the rungs to independently manage their own washing.

Laundry rooms the new must have

Just a few moments of scrolling on social media and you will quickly find lots of images of renovation projects that include a laundry room or laundry cupboard for those lacking space.

The laundry ladder is fast becoming the finishing touch to many of these renovation projects. With the aesthetically pleasing design and practical benefits the laundry ladder is the perfect solution.

Rotary Lines over power the garden

The popularity of RHS Shows tells us we are all spending more time on making our gardens look beautiful. So many of us are looking for an alternative to the rotary washing line. The laundry ladder is a more attractive option for the garden and hanging on the wall does not overpower the garden. The laundry ladder can be used out side on sunny days with an extra set of brackets on a wall outdoors easily transport the drying rack or fresh air drying. do not leave out permanently, when not in use bring back indoors.

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