Laundry Ladder Installation Tip

Laundry Ladder Installation Tip

When hanging the Laundry Ladder up, the natural choice is to hang the back top rung on the brackets.  This is the obvious rung and most customers will use this top rung to hang the laundry ladder on to the brackets.  

However, it is possible to use the second or even the third rung down.  As this will still hold the laundry ladder securely in place and does not effect the working or operating of the laundry ladder.

In some homes or locations, the ceiling may be sloping or so low that the brackets can not be located high enough on the wall, which forces the laundry ladder to hang to low.  In these situations placing the brackets lower on the wall and hanging the laundry ladder using either the second or third rung down is the ideal solution.

Also if you have people of different heights using the laundry ladder this may also help to allow the laundry ladder to be hanging lower or higher on the wall for different users.

We also have wheel chair users using our laundry ladders. Wheel chair users need the laundry ladder lower on the wall, if they are sharing with others it can be useful to change the height for multiple users.  See our images here that demonstrate the usefulness of having the brackets lower on the wall enabling you to change the height at which the laundry ladder can be accessed.   

Image of Laundry Ladder hung on the second rung down
Laundry Ladder Hung on the third rung down

Tips on installing your laundry ladder.

  • check location and if ceiling very low, consider placing brackets lower on the wall and use the back frame rungs second or third down.
  • who is using the laundry ladder, ideal height check you can reach the top back rung.  Our gauge is bottom rung at waist height one can usually reach top rung. 
  • On the Laundry Ladder which is back frame and front frame? Back frame sits lower than the front frame.
  • Do you want to operate the cord from the right hand side or the left?  This is usually determined by the location. If one side of the laundry ladder is more accessible than the other then the accessible side is the ideal side to have the cord.


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