How to do Sustainable Fashion with Natural Eco Wash

sustainable fashion with Clothes Doctor eco waste

Can the UK break their habit of fast fashion /mass buying and embrace a more sustainable fashion trend? Currently the UK sends huge amounts of clothing to Countries like Ghana.

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Washing Dogs Beds in Washing Machine

Blog image washing dogs beds in the washing machine

We know that washing your dogs beds can be a complete pain because of: The amount of fur that blocks the filter Cross contamination of animal hair on your family clothes The time…

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Christmas Present Ideas | Discount Code

Image of Christmas Gift Ideas by Julu

Christmas is a time for giving and to give you a little more help | Here are a few Julu "Discount Codes": New parents | Give them this stylish drying solution for their laundry needs | Free UK…

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12 reasons why you must use mesh laundry bags

Large mesh laundry bags Protecting your clothes

In Julu's quest to help you "Love Your Laundry".   We have 12 reasons why Mesh Laundry Bags are so essential for your weekly washing.

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Reusable Packaging and Alternative Storage Ideas

Banner image for blog on reusable packaging ideas by Julu

Since the war on plastic is now raging across the world reusable packaging and storage ideas are now being searched for by a growing eco audience.

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Lost Sock Day

Puppet using Odd Socks

Where do all those lost socks go?  National Lost sock day For this year’s lost sock day we thought we would find a use for the remaining sock.

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Laundry Ladder Clothes Airer for the Outside

Julu Laundry Ladder Clothes Airer can be used outside

April is drawing to a close and spring has sprung around us here at Julu.

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Last minute Christmas gift Ideas for 2018 from Julu

GLITTER STAR preview2.jpeg

Christmas is nearly here, and some of us still have family or friends to buy for.

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Beeswax Reusable Food Wraps | Embracing Sustainability

Good to Bee Food Wraps 3

Good To Bee Beeswax Reusable Food Wraps and Bags are eco-friendly food keepers.

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National Prosecco Day 13th August

Happy National Prosecco Day.   A sparkling wine, Prosecco is made from a variety of grapes.

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