Launch of Grey Wall Mounted Landry Ladder

Launch of Grey Wall Mounted Landry Ladder


We recently conducted an online survey to discover the potential popularity of a Grey Laundry Ladder. The response was outstanding from our customers and online followers. See below the online feedback which has guided our decision to produce a grey range and future limited colour runs.

The overriding feedback comments were that Grey is a popular colour for interior décor especially in Kitchens, Bathrooms & Laundry Rooms. The grey colour is very much on trend and is a hue that never goes our of style as it compliments many other colours.

We hope that the Grey Laundry Ladder will be the finish touch to many home projects.

Our Online Survey Results
Questions:- Do like our new Grey coloured laundry ladder?
Pie chart




Questions:- If you could choose any colour for one of our laundry ladders what colour would it be?


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