Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning

Spring is round the corner let’s get prepared good quality brushes can help ease the task.

Quality Radiator Cleaning Brushes

If you are guilty during spring cleaning of neglecting your radiators, then the radiator brush is the quick and easy solution for you. We have recently became aware that dirty radiators can restrict the release of heat making them less efficient. Clean radiators simply allow better air flow reducing your heating costs.
Top Tip: Remember to clean the skirting board after your finished cleaning the radiator, as some dust will settle on your skirting boards.

Advantages of Using Feather Dusters 

Natural Ostrich feather dusters are known as the premier of feather dusters, because of:-
1. Unique dust trapping qualities
2. Strength and Durability
3. Lightweight feathers gently clean delicate items

This spring quickly and safely clean around ornaments, lamps and ornate furniture with an ostrich feather duster. Removing the danger of snagging delicate items on a fluffy dusters.

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