Lost Sock Day

Lost Sock Day

Where do all those lost socks go?

For this year’s National Lost Sock Day we thought we would find a use for the remaining sock. We trawled the internet and have gathered 5 great ideas for using the odd socks.

1 Make a puppet with an odd sock, a couple of buttons etc and start to play. A great way to use odd socks with children. Make puppets using odd socks

2 Pop a soap in an old sock and tie it near your outside tap, brilliant hand wash in the garden.Soap in a Sock for Lost Sock Day

3 Make an odd sock into a dog Chew with a tennis ball etc. Another great idea. Dog Chew with an odd sock

4 Bumps and swellings need ice. For a quick and easy ice pack take an odd sock fill with a few ice cubes tie the top into a knot and apply to your bump or swelling avoiding any ice burn.Ice pack using an odd sock

5 Odd socks filled with potpourri can refresh your wardrobe. Odd sock filled with pot pourri.

We have 3 great products that can help you avoid losing socks in the wash. Little Feet and Sock Sorters simply clip your socks together before putting them in the wash and they will remain together throughout the washing process. You can even hang them over your airer without the need for a peg when they are clipped together with the little feet or the sock sorters.

Sock Sorts and Little Feet. Julu sock sorters and little feet. Keep your socks together in the wash.

Or using the small net bag ... Small Net Bag 3 No socks can escape from our net bag! Here is a special code for a free delivery on a set of sock sorters and a net bag.

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