12 reasons why you must use mesh laundry bags

12 reasons why you must use mesh laundry bags

In Julu's quest to help you "Love Your Laundry".  We have 12 reasons why Mesh Laundry Bags are so essential for your weekly washing.

  1. Protect your delicate clothing such as wool's and silks with a mesh bag.
  2. Also use mesh bag with items that have hooks or fastenings that can damage other fabrics.
  3. Avoid lost socks, wash your socks together in the net bag and you will always find the matching pairs.
  4. A mesh laundry bag can be your best friend for protecting delicate garments like lingerie
  5. It is also wonderful for baby items that are so small they seem to disappear, put all the little pieces in one bag, you will always find them and their matching pairs.
  6. Stop synthetics twisting, simply place in a net bag for the duration of the wash
  7. Keep items with Velcro separated from other clothes and making the Velcro last longer
  8. Avoid sibling arguments by washing their items in their own named net bag.
  9. Trainers washed in a net bag avoids the laces knotting up and still look good
  10. Leggings slips swim-suits tights stockings stops them knotting up into a ball
  11. Separate items that cannot be dried in the tumble dryer, place in a net bag prior to the wash and retrieve from your washing machine before the rest of the wash is placed into the tumble dryer.
  12. Sanitise kids toys in the dishwasher by placing in a net bag keeps them safe during washing.

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Julu's Top-Tips For Using Mesh Laundry Bags

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