Doris Beech Natural | Wooden clothes drying rack
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Doris Beech Natural | Wooden clothes drying rack

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Doris Beech Natural is part of our large range of wooden clothes drying rack. Made from beech which, a hard wood makes her robust to general knocks and bumps from daily use. The fine even grain gives this laundry ladder an elegant look and feel, allowing it to complement its surroundings.

This Laundry Ladder is perfect for drying large items like duvet covers, double sheets, sofa throws and sleeping bags to name a few.


Doris Weighs 9kg approx.  (wood is a natural material the weight can vary).
Doris Beech Natural measures  113cm (H) x 80cm (W) x 12.5cm (D).
Please allow an extra 6cm to the width for the spindle, which is used, to guide the cord on the side you operate it. 

Additional Information

Extra Brackets 

If you would like extra brackets to use the indoor wall mounted clothes airer in another location or outside on a nice day, add them to your shopping basket or you can buy them in the future.

Re-threading Service

The Laundry Ladder comes pre-threaded to use and operate from the right-hand side.  To enable operation from the left-hand side there are instructions in the box on how to re-thread yourself. Or if preferred Julu can re-thread your laundry ladder for you there is small charge for this service, use this link to add the left option to your basket.

Customers Reviews

Doris is a sturdy wooden clothes drying rack. To see why clients love our "Laundry Ladder", please see our Google Customer Reviews.

Image shows a Bunty 60 cm wide once our stock arrives we will add the correct image.