Large Pet Hair Laundry Bag | Washing Machine Protection


The pet hair laundry bag is the effective way to filter out unwanted animal hair when machine washing their blankets and bedding. These laundry bags are essential in protecting your next load of washing from unwanted pet fur. Animal hair is trapped within the laundry bag as the clean water easily flows through the mesh to wash your items. The trapped pet hair can be shaken out of the bag after the wash.

Benefits of using a pet laundry bag

  • Reduces animal hair clogging the washing machine
  • Protecting the filter
  • Less time spent cleaning your machine
  • Prevents cross contamination of pet hair to your family laundry
  • Wash dirty items and prevent grit build up in your machine.
  • Is laundry ladder and tumble dryer friendly.

Product Dimensions (approximately)

  • Large Size 
  • Height 82 cm
  • Width 70 cm

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