Technical information

How to use

The Laundry Ladder clothes airer operates by using the cord to open and close the front panel, this front panel can hinge down to open the unit to 90 degrees. Use the cord hook to secure the unit in open or closed positions.


How to string your Laundry Ladder clothes airer

(Julu can string the Laundry Ladder for you if you know which side you would like to operate it from for a small charge.  Just select the option before adding it to your cart).

Watch our helpful video on stringing your Laundry ladder or download our instructions.



Technical Specifications

Pine Bunty (slim version):        113cm(H) x 60cm(W) x 12.5cm(D) Weight boxed: 7kg

Ash Bunty (slim version):        113cm(H) x 60cm(W) x 12.5cm(D) Weight boxed: 8kg


Pine Doris (standard version): 113cm(H) x 80cm(W) x 12.5cm(D)  Weight boxed: 9kg

Ash Doris (standard version): 113cm(H) x 80cm(W) x 12.5cm(D)  Weight boxed: 10kg



You can hang the Laundry Ladder on a cavity wall with cavity wall fixings to suit cantilever movement or seek advice of local builder.


Please allow an extra 6cm to the width for the spindle on either size Laundry Ladder, which is used to guide the cord on the side you operate it.


The Laundry Ladder clothes airer is made from Pine or English Ash.  ASH IS OUT OF STOCK


Wood sourcing information

Timber from sustainable sources. The Laundry Ladder manufacturer uses timber from sustainable sources, most of which is from Europe which includes Britain. Timber is also sourced from Sweden and United States of America, all of which have robust environmental policies and are designated as low risk by the FSC. The bulk of timber used from the UK is harvested under Forestry Commission felling licence, much of which is sourced from forests that are managed by holders of FSC Forestry management certification. Julu Ltd through their manufacturer is proud to support British forestry. By sourcing timber in the UK & Europe, we are investing in our forests, in the knowledge that we are contributing to help sustain our woodlands to provide a well-managed sustainable resource for the future. 

Please Note:

No two pieces of wood are exactly the same. Colour, grain and texture can vary considerably even in the same piece. The random occurrence of characteristics is an inherent part of the beauty of any natural wooden product; as are variations in colour and texture.