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What our customers say...

"So love my Doris - my new favourite thing!!!"



"Sheila Maid - Its up! Very happy with it, thank you for taking the time and effort to sent it to Holland."


"Received my laundry ladder and I love it, now I can see the floor in the utility room. Great finish, great idea"

Charmain - November 2020

Linda Passey 2

"It's taken a while but at last, I have found time to send you pictures of Doris in her new home.
She is so perfect for drying and storing swimming costumes and towels and we are really delighted with her!!
She even gets used as a laundry ladder when we have wet weather!

We can recommend her for ease of installation, appearance, and fulfilling her function!

She even gets used as a laundry ladder when we have wet weather!

Linda - November 2020

IMG 6977

""Thrilled with my Doris! What a relief to finally ditch that cumbersome, plastic airer that never folded down properly and was always breaking, and replace it with an architecturally beautiful alternative. Had been a tad tentative about the installation as we only have plasterboard walls in our bathroom, but it was no problem, the builder just fixed it into the upright beams, and all is fine. Doris is a very welcome addition to our household, looks great, is simple to use, and we're delighted with it." "

Louise - October 2020

"Wonderful purchase saw it at a holiday rental and wanted my own! As we live in a flat I Have put it on the wall of our balcony It is unobtrusive and does open out to different angles easily to allow washing to be placed depending on the amount of items. It is sturdy, well made easy to hang and attractive to look at Delighted with our purchase even though a little expensive would highly recommend."

Not On The High Street - September 2020

"Great product: saves a lot of space and looks really nice. The ladder is sturdy and well manufactured. Installation was quick and simple. Julu contacted me very quickly to arrange delivery, which was extremely fast. Super happy with my purchase!"

Not On The High Street - June 2020

"Beautifully constructed. Very attractive."

Not On The High Street - May 2020

"Excellent quality item. I love it"

Not On The High Street - May 2020