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What our customers say...

"My Julu clothes airer has transformed my laundry tasks! I love it! What is fascinating is that everyone who comes to visit says 'what is that on the wall' - so I do a demo!"

Ann from Worcester - June 2017

"We have just put your Doris ladder clothes airer up in our newly refurbished utility room (despite buying it months ago, been waiting for our new kitchen to be installed...) and it’s great! An excellent product which is being much admired by our friends and family."

Sarah from Reigate – June 2017

"I am absolutely delighted with 'my' clothes airer clothes dryer. Please note that I say 'my’: Ian, my chap, tries to beat me to use it when the washing machine finishes! You know how men love special equipment and tools! I get rather miffed and say, 'that’s my job' as I love using it. Yes, it makes us both smile.

Thank you so much for designing, making and marketing such a perfect, pleasing product."

Vicky from Surrey - June 2017

"I am very happy to confirm my real pleasure in using my Laundry Ladder clothes airer drying rack."

Maureen from Dunbar – June 2017

Sara West2

"Doris is up and running!

Sara from Ross-on-Wye - May 2017

Vikki Mel 3

"My ladder clothes airer has been safely delivered and installed with ease.

What an absolutely brilliant design, so clever. All my life I have lived with traditional ceiling pulleys (starting in the farmhouse I grew up in!) until my present home which does not have high enough ceilings. A pulley is the one thing I've missed so much and so your ladder is the perfect solution.

I also v much appreciate the small design touches such as the white screw caps, thoughtful inclusion of rawl plugs and very easy to follow instructions. The hand written card included was a delightful final touch.

Thank you both so much for this wonderful idea. I will enjoy using it for many years.

Vikki from Edinburgh – May 2017

Ada with Laundry Ladder2

"Jacqui from Gloucestershire - April 2017

The laundry ladder clothes airer is fantastically useful, it saves me using the tumble dryer all the time and with a small and somewhat messy toddler, being able to dry all her smaller clothes easily is great. Highly recommend the laundry ladder clothes airer to anyone with big or small washing. "

Richard Thompson2

"This may not be the most conventional position for a pair of Doris's, but they are exactly what we wanted. We have a small house, though it has just been transformed. The underfloor heating on the ground floor runs overnight and should mean that things dry in this position really well. Thanks for your help."

Richard from Croydon - March 2017

Anne Morris Pasta 4

"Look what else you can use the Laundry Ladder clothes airer for! Drying Pasta. #dryingpasta"

Anne from Herefordshire - February 2017