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Our customers are at the very core of our business and customer reviews are always most welcome. We are committed to delivering a great service and always love to hear and share your stories ... 

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Featured Video testimonial from Karen - Worcestershire 2017 


Louise - February 2019

We absolutely love the product! I don't mind having my toddler's clothes to dry anymore!


Sarah - January 2019

I just wanted to thank you for a great product which fits beautifully within my old house, and does the job so well-no more draped soggy clothes over radiators and hanging from picture rails!  Thank you for a simple attractive and homely solution!


Janet - November 2018

Just wanted to say how pleased I am with the ladder - It's brilliant and has lots of admirers!!!! Thank you for all your help 


Deborah - November 2018

I would like to say thank you so much for the beautiful Laundry Ladder. It fits perfectly in our home. It is such great quality piece. So easy to put up. Well done for inventing something so neat and tidy. And I would like to thank you for being a great supplier. My item was packed nicely and came very quickly. I love the idea that I can also use it outside.  Big thank you. From a very happy customer! 


Russell - November 2018

I would like to say how fantastic and useful your wall Drying rack is.


Ally - from Romsey - October 2018

Thank you so much to JULU, I love my laundry ladders! They complete my utility room perfectly,making it look modern and contemporary. Great delivery service,easy to install and unique! I also use the pegs which are useful too! I now look forward to doing the washing!!

Allyson Hughes Laundry Ladder Clothes Airers


Julia - October 2018

I absolutely love my clothes airer dryer - it is the perfect combination of beautiful design and functionality


Kate - October 2018

I am so happy with my laundry dryer clothes airer and have referred both the handy man that fitted it and a friend who’s furnishing an apartment in Lisbon to Julu Home as they were both so impressed with it.


Elizabeth - September 2018

I bought a Bunty laundry ladder from you a couple of years ago and absolutely love it. It is much admired by our friends and family.


Julie - September 2018

I saw the Julu clothes airer drying rack advertised in the back of an interiors magazine and really liked the look of it. My husband and I have a wet room as my husband is disabled and we had a most hideous laundry rack set up which took up so much floor space. I thought the Julu would be the answer. It is beautifully made, lovely to look at, and best of all it is attached to one of the bathroom walls, freeing up floor space. My husband can access it from his scooter quite easily. I would highly recommend this company and the Doris model we purchased. Excellent all round! 


Julia - September 2018

Hi, I just wanted to say that we finally put up our new Doris Julu last night with the help of a friend. It is fabulous and I just wanted to say "thank you!"


Keith from London - August 2018

I have had my laundry ladder clothes airer for a few weeks now and thought I would drop you a line saying how wonderful it is. I use it every day in a small bedroom to air bedclothes and. In the evening, after the beds are made, it folds away to make more room. The design is simple and elegant and the production is perfect with no rough edges and it folds and unfolds smoothly. It’s a lovely thing.


Lozzy - August 2018

Easy to install and looks very neat. We have a cottage-style house and it looks like a cottage feature in its own right.


Emma - June 2018

Excellent product, excellent Customer Service, a Laundry investment, definitely worth making.


Colin from Chichester – June 2018

I just wanted to thank you for the speedy and efficient way you dealt with the issue of my laundry ladder clothes airer that was damaged in transit. Something I was expecting to be a time consuming faff (the return and replacement), was handled with ease and aplomb. Your customer relations attitude is first rate. Amazon have contacted me for feedback and I have given you five stars.


Monica from France – May 2018

I really appreciate your courteous and prompt attention to my problem with buying a Julu compost tin online. Of their very nature websites are problematic and often present complications that need to be sorted out and I am happy to have helped by alerting your company to this particular situation.


Lucy from the UK - March 2018
I got two of the laundry ladders (one narrow, one wide) from one of your stock lists and I couldn't be happier with them! I live in a one bedroom flat and no longer have my traditional clothes airer blocking the hallway!


Diondra from USA - March 2018

I wanted to say “thank you” to you and your staff. The shipment arrived quickly, was packaged beautifully and installation was a snap. My laundry room is now one of my favorite spaces thanks to the JULU Laundry Ladder. 

Diondra Photo

Really great Laundry Rack fitted perfectly 


Edward from Herefordshire - Feb 2018 (video review)



Marco from Rome, Italy - February 2018

The laundry ladder clothes airer has arrived well and is already installed. Many thanks for your kind assistance.


Janice from London - December 2017

Every home should have one of these....absolutely perfect for those wet days and for drying woollens.



Ian from Cardiff - November 2017

Hi guys, got my new clothes airer last week and thought I'd post a picture of it set up. Love it! Ian Brewer.

Ian Brewer photo 21.11.17


A 'Not On the High Street' Customer - November 2017

Really great Laundry Rack fitted perfectly


Kevin from Enfield - November 2017

A neat place on the stairs for a Bunty ladder clothes airer!

Kevin from Enfield photo 4


AM from Guildford - October 2017

"Our Julu laundry ladder clothes airer makes a stunning yet practical finale to our new laundry room.  The quality and finish is beautiful. In addition, the very personal client service at Julu has been second to non.  Thank you Julu, [I look forward to more products from you in the future]"


Helena - London - Oct 2017

Love it! Space saver. Fits neatly and looks aesthetically pleasing


Jennie - Peterborough - September 2017

Great to receive the clothes airer drying rack, exactly what I wanted, just in time for misty mornings.
It has been placed in our new conservatory in our 2 bed bungalow and is also acting as a "picture gallery" when not in use.
Even my husband is impressed with my use of it
Thanks again

Jennie Grainger Photo




Ellie - Cirencester Uni - September 2017

I took my Laundry Ladder clothes airer the first year I was at #Uni and now it moves with me everywhere! 

Ellie Back to Uni


Gary & Keri from Scotland - August 2017

Arrived two days after order and easy to fit, looks great on kitchen wall and big enough for our home. 5 stars.

Garry Lynch Photo



Janice from Ireland - July 2017

Lovely item and very quick delivery. Thank you

Ann from Worcester - June 2017

My Julu clothes airer has transformed my laundry tasks! I love it! What is fascinating is that everyone who comes to visit says 'what is that on the wall' - so I do a demo!


Sarah from Reigate – June 2017

We have just put your Doris ladder clothes airer up in our newly refurbished utility room (despite buying it months ago, been waiting for our new kitchen to be installed...) and it’s great! An excellent product which is being much admired by our friends and family.


Vicky from Surrey - June 2017

I am absolutely delighted with 'my' clothes airer clothes dryer. Please note that I say 'my’: Ian, my chap, tries to beat me to use it when the washing machine finishes!  You know how men love special equipment and tools! I get rather miffed and say, 'that’s my job' as I love using it. Yes, it makes us both smile.

Thank you so much for designing, making and marketing such a perfect, pleasing product.


Maureen from Dunbar – June 2017

I am very happy to confirm my real pleasure in using my Laundry Ladder clothes airer drying rack.


Sara from Ross-on-Wye - May 2017

Doris is up and running!

Sara West


Vikki from Edinburgh – May 2017

My ladder clothes airer has been safely delivered and installed with ease.

What an absolutely brilliant design, so clever. All my life I have lived with traditional ceiling pulleys (starting in the farmhouse I grew up in!) until my present home which does not have high enough ceilings. A pulley is the one thing I've missed so much and so your ladder is the perfect solution.

I also v much appreciate the small design touches such as the white screw caps, thoughtful inclusion of rawl plugs and very easy to follow instructions.  The hand written card included was a delightful final touch.

Thank you both so much for this wonderful idea. I will enjoy using it for many years.Vikki Mel 1Vikki Mel 2


Jacqui from Gloucestershire - April 2017

The laundry ladder clothes airer is fantastically useful, it saves me using the tumble dryer all the time and with a small and somewhat messy toddler, being able to dry all her smaller clothes easily is great.  Highly recommend the laundry ladder clothes airer to anyone with big or small washing. Ada with Laundry Ladder


Dorothy from Herefordshire - March 2017

Video review/testimonial. 


Richard from Croydon - March 2017

This may not be the most conventional position for a pair of Doris's, but they are exactly what we wanted. We have a small house, though it has just been transformed. The underfloor heating on the ground floor runs overnight and should mean that things dry in this position really well.  Thanks for your help.

Richard Thompson



Ann From Worcestershire - February 2017

My Julu clothes airer, drying rack arrived last week and the builder who has been refurbishing our utility has now fixed it to the newly painted wall. It looks fabulous and just what I wanted. I know we are going to be great friends, especially with items which include a 'do not tumble' label on them!

> So, thank you for developing such a wonderful product! I love it and know my friends will be jealous when they see it. Even my husband loves it!



Anne from Herefordshire - February 2017

Look what else you can use the Laundry Ladder clothes airer for!  Drying Pasta.  #dryingpasta

Anne Morris Pasta 3



Amanda from Surrey - January 2017

Thought you'd like to see how well our new Doris dryer fits into the re-styled utility room. No more clothes drying in the kitchen when it's raining - yay!

Amanda Warpole

Such an elegant solution.


Sophie from Henley on Thames - January 2017

"After my drying cupboard was halved during a recent renovation project I had to think outside of the box.    We are a family of 5 with a Labrador and there is always washing.    I'm reluctant to overuse my tumble dryer so was delighted to find a laundry ladder by the brilliant company Julu.  It's stylish and folds away when not in use (very rarely!).   Julu are a great company to deal with as well, I thoroughly recommend them."


Tracy - January 2017

Love the laundry ladder clothes airer - practical and attractive.


Claire from London - January 2017

Just took delivery of my second laundry ladder clothes airer. They are so useful and look great. They are beautifully made and service was excellent.


Cynthia from Somerset - December 2016

Love my Laundry Ladder clothes airer.  Just had a new kitchen installed and this completes my new look. Service was excellent, and I'm thrilled with the whole experience.

Cynthias New Kitchen 3



Susan from Romford - November 2016

Thank you so much. I LOVE my laundry ladder clothes airer Doris!! It's fabulous. Perfect in every way. Excellent service too x 


Karen & Julian - November 2016

Bunty looking very happy on our bathroom wall. Thank you. Karen

Julian A happy customer.



Aldona - November 2016

My Julu in Action!  Thank you girls

Aldona 1  


Lou - London - October 2016

I love my Julu clothes airer drying rack and will send you a picture of it in my new kitchen.



Christopher - London - October 2016

I love your product and keep showing it to other residents in the new block at B----------- P------- and hope that you get some orders!



Sarajane - Grantham - October 2016

I use my laundry ladder clothes airer nearly every day! Love it!



Alice - Dover - October 2016

Loving the laundry ladder!


Anonymous gentleman - October 2016

"It has probably saved my marriage!"



Natasha Kaplinsky - September 2016

"What a genius invention.  The Laundry Ladder clothes airer drying rack is stylish, smart and super useful!”  Best of luck - you have a great product.



Isabelle - Wallingford - August 2016

Thank you so much for your excellent service. You see the ladder in its home - a brilliant product!

Isabelle Burridge 1




Kay - London - August 2016

As you can see, it sits nicely above the bath taps & is ideal as an extra towel rail for guests.  Opened out, any drying clothes can safely drip into the bath.

Kay Harrington Pic 1 

Sorry the photos are a bit cramped.  The bathroom is rather small & I was practically out of the window taking them, but then that’s the point, & why your ladder dryer is so useful in a flat with limited space.


Kay Harrington Pic 2



Fiona - Norfolk - July 2016

Ordered the laundry ladder clothes airer on Tuesday, it arrived on Wednesday and it is on the wall on Thursday. Excellent service, friendly too. The ladder is very good quality and simple to operate. Many thanks.



Celia - London - June 2016

After seeing you at the Spirit of Summer Fair today I said I would forward some photos of my lovely racks I brought from you last year. I'm very pleased with them, they are practical and look great. 

Celia de Vitry 2


Celia de Vitry 1................................


Maria - London - June 2016 

"I just thought I would mention that I absolutely love my clothes airer dryer.  It’s the best thing I’ve bought in the last year.  For years, I have resisted buying a dryer because of their high carbon footprint and since I got the clothes airer, it’s made drying clothes so much easier.  Also as it’s suspended from the wall, it fits snugly into my tiny London utility room/downstairs loo and it doesn’t get in the way of the rest of the family unlike traditional clothes horses". 



Ann - Reading - June 2016

"Our clothes drier is in constant use in our apartment"




Jane - London - May 2016

"My son and his partner are delighted with the wall clothes airer I bought them and it has the added advantage that their new puppy can't get at their socks which she would take off their old floorstanding airer and take to her bed and chew!



Kate - London - April 2016

"Beautifully made and practical, this laundry ladder clothes airer was exactly what I was looking for. Julu were great to deal with and extremely helpful”



Julia - East Sussex - April 2016

Here is the photo of me in the bathroom using my new gadget which is proving so handy to us.  I have been looking for a nice looking airer for a long time and one that is off the floor.  Thanks for stringing it for me.


Mrs Julia Wise Wheelchair




Sandra - Tring - March 2016

I’ve just put in an order for the extra brackets and a pet bag.  Thanks again for your wonderful products. 



Tony - Southern Ireland - Feb 2016

Your Laundry Ladder clothes airer drying rack is at last in use, and is performing exactly as had been expected.  Just the job! Very many thanks for everything.  

Please now create a bit of equipment that will fold and store the dry clothing!



Neil - Hitcham - Dec 2015

We recently purchased one of your Doris racks which we find excellent. We'd very much like to buy another two of the same. They are a brilliant idea and beautifully made, and look great both in use and folded up against the wall (& particularly ideal for us as the kitchen and utility rooms don't have high enough ceilings for a pulley laundry rack, though I think your Ladders are a better solution in any case). We've been extolling their virtues far and wide!



Peter - Cheltenham - Oct 2015

Real pleased with my visit to your place today, laundry ladder clothes airer is on my wall and in use already!!!!!! great design and product, thank you 

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 


Mrs Simpson  - London – Oct 2015  

My laundry frame is wonderful, a fantastic buy!



Cathy from London – Oct 2015 

The laundry ladder clothes airer is great - I’m really pleased with it.  It looks lovely and works really well.



Catherine from Bristol – Oct 2015 

My wall Laundry Ladder is very useful and most practical. Thank you. I am pleased to have and use it. 
I was waiting until the winter weather set in so I could use it at its maximum, and then let you know. 



Anita from West Sussex – Oct 2015

I thought I would tell you that your laundry rack is excellent and working very well for us. 


Helen from Greater London – Oct 2015
Love my laundry ladder clothes airer use it most days and it is much admired by my engineer sons!  



Roger from Leicestershire – Oct 2015

The Laundry Ladder clothes airer drying rack, we have found it most useful and a great alternative to a traditional cottage airer in modern houses with low ceilings (and tall husbands).




Sarah from Surrey – Oct 2015

I love my laundry ladder, I purchased it last year at country living!




Georgina Rees - Worcester -  Feb 2015

After looking for a more stylish way to dry our washing since we moved house, look what I've found! It is fabulous and I can now do away with using the expensive tumble dryer.  The Laundry Ladder is an investment worth every penny.

Georgina Rees



Chris Wilson - Kent - 24 Jan

Fantastic product! It arrived this week...a top quality piece of furniture and beautifully made. I highly recommend.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 


Joyce Audus-Williams posted this on our Facebook Page (thank you Joyce)

I have been using my laundry ladder clothes airer for a few weeks and it is excellent. Functional, pleasing to look at and easy to install. Looking forward to being able to use it outside in the summer

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  


Helen Thomas - Suffolk - July 2015

'It's probably wrong to be loving a new fridge and a laundry ladder clothes airer this much.  But there we are, it's a fact'  

Helen Thomas LL Suffolk Instagram


. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .



Jenny ‏- London - Nov 2014

@Juluhome thanks for fast delivery, 4 days! Best and most useful gizmo we have bought for new home #thanks



Will - Worcestershire - Nov 2014

Having to run the house on your own - don't panic the Laundry Ladder clothes airer, drying rack sorts all those drying issues in the wet weather. 



Clare Warren - Berkshire - Sept 2014

We are absolutely delighted with our Laundry Ladder which we purchased after having a very pleasant chat with you at the Hereford Food Festival. You have come up with a unique solution to a household problem of needing to dry laundry indoors but not having a ceiling strong enough from which to suspend a rack, and as an attractive and compact alternative to ugly plastic clothes horses.

Ordering was easy, delivery was swift, and the ladder came with straightforward installation instructions.

Now it is installed in our (tiny!) utility room we use it constantly. You can hang loads from it - easily a full load of washing - small items up against the wall and larger items can hang full length as you can almost flatten out the front using the adjustable hook. It looks great and makes life much easier. Thank you for coming up with a great product!