shoehorn herefordshire ash frontview
shoehorn herefordshire ash frontview shoehorn herefordshire ash shoehorns with mens shoes shoehorn with ladies shoes


Traditionally crafted Shoe Horn in Ash Wood  Handmade by a local craftsman in Herefordshire.  They come in two basic sizes; Long & Mini.  The length of the shoe horn may vary slightly as they are handmade and our planet friendly craftsman prefers to have an assorted length, this ensures very little waste of his natural materials.  The Ash wood is soured from his own farm in Herefordshire close to the Welsh Border.

This shoe horn is both beautiful in looks and to touch, the long handle design is an ideal gift and can look smart hanging on a wall in a hallway.   No more bending down to reach your shoes simply use the long handle Shoe Horn to reach for you.


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