Clothes Doctor Eco Wash for Cashmere and Wool
Clothes Doctor Eco Wash for Cashmere and Wool

Clothes Doctor Eco Wash for Cashmere and Wool

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The Clothes Doctor No.3 Eco Wash for Cashmere and Wool, is a brilliant and environmental way to protect your beloved sweaters while actively protecting your planet. This Eco Wash has been developed to reduce your exposure to chemicals and consumption of plastics. The Eco Wash is derived from plant-based ingredients, a gentle blend which will clean, renew and soften garments in either a hand or delicate machine wash. The delicate wash extends the life of cashmere and wool garments by cleaning, renewing, and softening the fibres. It is lightly scented with sandalwood and patchouli, which will leave garments wonderfully refreshed, and also naturally protected from clothes moths.

Eco wash for cashmere and wool is the perfect replacement for your dry-cleaning needs, which is incredibly damaging to our clothes and the planet. Unlike dry-cleaning, which flattens the fibres, making them appear dull over time, this wool and cashmere detergent nourishes and protects, keeping garments looking and feeling their best after every wash.

Additional Information

  • 250 ML 14 Washes £14.00 Inc VAT
  • 500 ML 28 washes £19.50 inc VAT
  • Use as a hand wash or machine wash on a delicate cycle.
  • Powerful Liquid Detergent 
  • Plastic & Cruelty Free, Vegan, Made in Britain.