Washing Pet Bedding!


We have a fantastic solution for washing pet bedding without letting hair and bits into your washing machine to cause damage and block filters.  The 'Pet Laundry Bag'.

Our pet bags are super quality with a strong zip for years of use.  Simply put your pet bedding into the bag and place it in the washing machine as normal.  After the wash cycle, remove the bag and contents giving them a good shake outside.  The bedding washes well in the bag and any items which could block your filters are contained inside for simple emptying.  

These can be used for many other items which are dirty ie. muddy trainers & work clothes.

The bags are large (58 x 86cm) 

  • Ideal for builders, farmers, gardeners other professions with particularly dirty laundry.

  • Special zip designed with non-scratch puller.

  • Suitable for drying at low or high temperatures.

  • Suitable for tumble & spin drying.

  • Has a sturdy loop for hanging and carrying.

  • Label for easy identification.