The Laundry Ladder clothes airer.

The Laundry Ladder is the ultimate clothes airer for all those people with houses without high ceilings; it's a wall mounted, clothes airer and works on the same principle as the old-fashioned ceiling airers; Shelia-made and Pulley-maid, to name but a few!  Julu's Laundry Ladder is hung on the wall with Julu brackets (meaning it's not fixed) keeping your washing off floor and out of the way when in use and becoming an attractive piece of furniture which blends into your home when not used.  

No need to worry about pets and children knocking over a free-standing clothes horse.  It also works perfectly by a door and can be hoisted up out of the way even when washing is on it for access, but also acts to air clothes quickly when the door is open and there is a gentle breeze.  We want people to realise this is a real alternative to all the airers on the market and with a small investment you will have this for life, taking it with you wherever you go. 

Washing is something which is not going to go away and we all need to find what works in our homes efficiently and helps too with the environment.  At all times when developing our product we were looking to be eco-friendly and produce something, which not only worked but that was attractive to have in our homes and that you would like too, we hope you agree!

This was my airer over Christmas and it didn't look out of place in my kitchen!  Having lots of family and friends over during the festive season meant I had plenty of drying space when it was needed.  It is still up in the kitchen long after Christmas, and is used far too often to take away!

The Laundry Ladder clothes airer.

Our fantastic airer looking great in my kitchen!