No More Lost Property!

There are so many benefits to labeling clothes and belongings.  It helps everyone, as our busy lives leave no time to check our kit.  Teaching our families to look after their own belongings starts with good labeling, promoting good habits early to last through life.

Whatever happened to good old-fashioned labeling, well it is still here with who supply these and many other labels with the evermore popular iron-on labels etc. 

Whether you are out for the day, away on a school trip or off on holiday, using quality name labels can make life easy for everyone. #scouts #clubs #colleges #uni #univeristy #backtoschool #crafts #labels #sportskit

If you make craft items put your unique label on it to ensure people know where it came from and who made it. 

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You can label just about anything.  Don’t be that person who has to go and search ‘Lost Property’!