Boot Bananas

Julia went to the Autumn Trade Fair at the NEC and found this funky product designed by model maker Alex and her partner Phil, a climbing instructor, Boot Bananas were born out of their battle to banish the stink of Phil’s smelly shoes for good.

They are highly effective - designed to neutralise odour in even the most offensive smelling footwear in situations that most products often fail. Especially good for shoes worn barefoot or footwear used for high intensity sports.

Long lasting - with proper care Boot Bananas can effectively deodorise for 6 - 12 months and in some cases customer feedback even suggests up to two years! This varies dependent on care and specific circumstance.  Triple action effect - Deodorises, dries out moisture and protects with long lasting freshness.

Natural fragrances of Lavender, Lemon, Patchouli & Tea tree - real plant extracts with antimicrobial properties are used.

Its fun design - makes for a great gift that won’t cause offence, something unique within the shoe care market. Removes the social stigma of stinky shoes and heals odour related rifts between friends & family. Great stocking filler for Christmas. 

The ‘Ripeness indicator’ - just like real bananas they may turn brown slowly over time if exposed to a lot of shoe sweat. Helps to indicate how much sport your participating in and when you may need to replace the Boot Bananas. This may not happen if not used with sweaty sports shoes and even when brown the product will still work & only requires replacing when deodorising effect wears off.

They come with a handy carabiner clip to hang up product or footwear to help the drying process and re-usable pouch to store the product when not in use.

Eco conscious design -  the outer component or ‘banana skin’ is cotton and decomposes in compost or landfill. The active ingredients can be disposed of separately and sent to landfill as they are all fairly inert salts, minerals & plant extracts.  And, they are designed in the UK.