Love Your Clothes

‘Love your Clothes’ 

If you ever wondered why it’s so important to air-dry your clothes, check out our guest blog post for clothing campaign  Love your Clothes

There are so many benefits to using a clothes airer, like our ‘Laundry Ladder’. We are passionate about air-drying clothing; to protect garments and prolong the life of our clothes whether drying inside or out, the ‘Laundry Ladder’ is suitable for both. This clothes airer is aesthetically pleasing and yet a practical alternative to the familiar airers on the market. Being off the floor and out of the way this airer works well in large or small spaces allowing continued access even when in use.  It’s always readily available and its accessibility and convenience ultimately helping reduce the impact on the environment by not tumble drying.

The Laundry Ladder when used outdoors in good weather is a great way to air duvets and blankets you just want to keep smelling fresh or simply dry your normal load of washing in the clean air.  With its wide rungs crease marks on delicate and woollen items are avoided.  By lowering the front frame to 90 degrees you are given the option to flat dry your woollens as instructed in manufacturer's care labels.