Laundry Ladder Discount Code Online Christmas Fair

Julu’s "Discount Code" for the elegant Laundry Ladder through The Online Christmas Fair. Julu and over 100 other independent retailers are trying to bring a bit of Christmas twinkle into the lives of online shoppers, during this crazy unprecedented time. Throughout this Fair all 100 retailers are running a variety of discounts using one Code: OCF2020. You would be bonkers not to take a look!

Julia and Lucie were blown away by the amazing support of the independent retailers who are members of the Online Christmas Fair. This community has shown a depth of support for its members, giving us all a sense of “we are not alone” during this crisis.

Whilst sofa shopping through the list of retailers, should you have any questions about products, simply pop down your glass of wine (please use a coaster) and contact the online Christmas Fair Team. They will be delighted to hear from you. Email [email protected] Hotline 07432154924