Laundry Ladder Clothes Airer for the Outside

April is drawing to a close and spring has sprung around us here at Julu.  The perfect time for us to remind our customers who already have laundry ladders, that with an extra pair of brackets located outside you can take advantage of any spring sunshine and get your laundry outside in the fresh air.  We now have suitable pegs to use with the laundry ladder, ensuring your washing remains securely in place on windy days.

Spring Offer

Here is a special code for Free Delivery on a set of black brackets plus 1 x pack of Pegs (8 in a pack)  If you would prefer White Brackets please email us after placing your order to change colour using this link: [email protected]

Please use Code:  SPRING 

**Expires 31st May 2019

Laundry Ladder Clothes Airer Black hooks for Outside use

Laundry Ladder Clothes Airer Blue Clothes Pegs for Outside Use