A Great Investment

The Julu Laundry Ladder is a truly wonderful investment for young people setting up home for the first time.  First time buyers need to think about how they organise their washing and laundry and this can be made so much easier after investing in a Laundry Ladder - wall mounted airer.  It is portable, so can be moved easily as you move home.  It can be put in small areas as it is space saving, being used in a hallway or by a door, as it manoeuvres up and down making access easy even when fully loaded with washing. 

This airer makes a perfect wedding present as it can be bought as a gift from one person or many and will be used frequently for years to come being one of those presents you really wouldn’t want to be without.  The Laundry Ladder drying rack looks stylish and can be put anywhere in your home from the kitchen or bathroom to the garage or utility area.  On a lovely day, it can also be moved outside with an extra set of brackets.

The Julu Laundry Ladder holds a wash load with ease, with small items hung on the back frame and larger, longer items on the front and provides a long drop which is perfect for sheets keeping them off the floor and out of the way.   No more floor standing airers in your way and under your feet. 

It is strong and comes in two colourways; pine natural or pine painted white with a choice of white or black brackets, you choose what will best suit your new home.  It also comes in English Ash which is made here for those who like a more traditional finish.  We hope you will agree this is a perfect solution to an age old problem, drying washing, and a great investment.