Laundry Ladder Discount Code Online Christmas Fair

Blog OCF V2 LS

Posted by on 9 November 2020 | Comments

Julu’s "Discount Code" for the elegant Laundry Ladder through The Online Christmas Fair. Julu and over 100 other independent retailers are trying to bring a bit of Christmas twinkle into the lives of online shoppers, during this crazy unprecedented time. Throughout this Fair all 100 retailers are running a variety of discounts using one Code: OCF2020. You would be bonkers not to take a look!

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How Eco-friendly Laundry Days Enable Sustainable Living

eco friendly article by green parents

Posted by on 18 March 2020 | Comments

Lucie and Julia were delighted to be featured in this month’s article by The Green Parent Magazine, demonstrating the Eco-friendly side of the stylish laundry ladder, a key tool on laundry-day. The sustainable benefit of the Laundry Ladder is the reduction in your carbon footprint. You save money, as you’re using zero energy when drying your clothes. This in turn keeps your electricity bills down and saves your family money.

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How to do Sustainable Fashion with Natural Eco Wash

sustainable fashion with Clothes Doctor eco wase

Posted by on 5 March 2020 | Comments

Can the UK break their habit of fast fashion /mass buying and embrace a more sustainable fashion trend? Currently the UK sends huge amounts of clothing to Countries like Ghana. Unfortunately a high percentage of these second hand shipments of clothes are not fit for purpose.

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Washing Dogs Beds in Washing Machine

Blog image washing dogs beds in the washing machine

Posted by on 15 February 2020 | Comments

We know that washing your dogs beds can be a complete pain because of:

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Christmas Present Ideas | Discount Code

Julu Christmas Discount Code

Posted by on 10 December 2019 | Comments

Christmas is a time for giving and to give you a little more help | Here are a few Julu "Discount Codes":

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12 reasons why you must use mesh laundry bags

Large mesh laundry bags Protecting your clothes

Posted by on 30 September 2019 | Comments

In Julu's quest to help you "Love Your Laundry".  We have 12 reasons why Mesh Laundry Bags are so essential for your weekly washing.

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Reusable Packaging and Alternative Storage Ideas

Banner image for blog on reusable packaging ideas by Julu

Posted by on 26 June 2019 | Comments

Since the war on plastic is now raging across the world reusable packaging and storage ideas are now being searched for by a growing eco audience.  At Julu we have seen a healthy rise of Tin ware purchases and this could be contributed to the increase of zero waste shops opening round the UK.  As Farm shop retailing has become popular due to social conscience. These plastic free retailers are leading the way to allowing us all the opportunity to change our shopping habits.

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The Laundry Ladder Clothes Airer Limerick

National Limerick Day May 12 1024x512

Posted by on 12 May 2019 | Comments

The Laundry Ladder Clothes Airer Limerick for National Limerick Day May 12th


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Lost Sock Day

Puppet using Odd Socks

Posted by on 9 May 2019 | Comments

Where do all those lost socks go?  National Lost sock day

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Laundry Ladder Clothes Airer for the Outside

Julu Laundry Ladder Clothes Airer can be used outside

Posted by on 30 April 2019 | Comments

April is drawing to a close and spring has sprung around us here at Julu.  The perfect time for us to remind our customers who already have laundry ladders, that with an extra pair of brackets located outside you can take advantage of any spring sunshine and get your laundry outside in the fresh air.  We now have suitable pegs to use with the laundry ladder, ensuring your washing remains securely in place on windy days.

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