Sheila Maid 72 inch rods (1.83 m) | Ceiling Clothes Airer

£62.00 Includes VAT

The Sheila Maid® iconic Victorian design, energy saving ceiling clothes airer, with 72 inch (1.83 m) length poles. The original curved shaped cast iron rack ends come as 4 rail or the wider 6 rail. With a choice of colours Original Cast Iron, Black, Blue, Green, Ivory, White or Red.

Product Information

  • Sheila Maid® ceiling clothes airer comes complete with everything you need to install it: wooden rails, 2 cast iron rack ends, a single pulley, a double pulley, a cleat hook and a 10m Pulley Rope, which is UK manufactured. 
  • The wood we use for our wooden rails is carefully selected by us from sustainable resources. It is only from FSC managed forests.The wood is specially kiln-dried and given no further treatment. This provides you with a durable rail that will stand up to many years of drying. 
  • Sheila Maid® ceiling clothes airer has two widths, either a 4 or 6 Rail Version of the Sheila Maid®. The 4 rail Sheila Maid® is 15.5" wide (39.5cm). The 6 rail Sheila Maid is 22" wide (56cm). The 2 extra rails will increase your drying space by 50% more! 
  • Length 72 inch (1.83 m)
  • Weight Approx 3.3 Kilos