Ceiling Airers

The Sheila Maid ceiling airers are a classic from a bygone age which is still loved today by those who have high ceilings.  A Victorian design, energy saving ceiling airer which uses the original curved shape cast iron rack ends and has a choice of rod lengths from 57 inches (1.45 m) to 84 inches (2.13 m).  The Sheila Maid has been part of the British household for over 100 years.  It is an iconic product and we are proud to offer the Registered design Sheila Maid® alongside our Laundry Ladder.  For larger utility or laundry rooms both products can work side by side making the most of the room space. The Sheila Maid suits many high ceiling homes such as Georgian and Victorian or the modern-day Barn or Warehouse conversion it is the perfect way to utilise these vast open areas. The Sheila Maid ceiling airers, offers economic use of ceiling space where rising warm air accumulates making it an ideal space to dry clothes quickly and naturally reducing the need for tumble-dryers.

Dimensions for Sheila Maid Ceiling Airers

57 Inch (1.45 m) 4 Rail or 6 Rail 
72 Inch (1.83 m) 4 Rail of 6 Rail
84 Inch (2.13 m) 4 Rail or 6 Rail

White and Original are currently out of stock new stock is due in February.