Our brushes are from the Oxford Brush Company, the product of 75 years of experience in making hand crafted brushes that are not only functional but beautifully designed. Their manufacturing company themselves say "75 years have made us neither inflexible nor bored. We remain creative, curious and dedicated to our task with passion and enjoyment."

Each brush is of the highest quality, hand crafted and we are happy to sell a small range of them and other accessories.  Please email us if you think we need to look at stocking something you can't find! 

Leather Fly Swat

Leather Fly Swap 2016 11 17 at 21.59.19

£14.95 Includes VAT

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Lint Brush

redecker rubber lint brush 1024x1024

£24.95 Includes VAT

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Motorbike Brush

Motorbike Brush 500637

£9.95 Includes VAT

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Mushroom Brush

Mushroom Brush 331010

£7.95 Includes VAT

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Nail Brush

Nail Brush 621190 3 2 2

£11.95 Includes VAT

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