Cedar Discs | Clothes moth prevention for the home

Cedar Discs prevent clothes moths | by Julu
Cedar Discs prevent clothes moths | by Julu


Pack of 10 cedar Discs, in natural untreated red cedar wood.  Perfect for clothes moth prevention in wardrobes and chest of draws.   This eco-friendly solution provides a fragrance which is appealing to humans but no to clothes moths.

Product Dimensions 

Each Cedar Discs measures 4.5cm in diameter

Product Use and Care

  • For wardrobes we have found placing 1 to 2 cedar pieces threaded over the hanger hooks, helps prevent clothes moths.
  • Ensure that the garments do not come in direct contact with the natural oils.
  • For chest of draws moth protection, place two cedar pieces per draw between paper to protect clothes from natural oils.
  • You can regenerate your cedar discs life by lightly rubbing the wooden surface with fine sandpaper or replenish using pure cedar oil.


Additional Information

Environmentally friendly, American red cedar is cultivated under government regulations and is not endangered. All products in this collection fall within the EU directive regarding biocide guidelines and are labelled with biocide warnings accordingly, despite being natural, biological, moth repelling agents.

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