Frequently asked Questions ...


1)      “Stringing” - What does this mean? 

Stringing (or threading) of the cord which is used to operate the Laundry Ladder so that you can pulley the front frame up and down.


2)      Strung on left or right hand side, who’s left or right?

The unit can be operated from the left or right hand side, when we refer to this, it’s as you face it on the wall.


3)      What are they coated with?

All Laundry Ladders are coated with a severe use varnish or paint finish.


4)      Does the coating mark your clothes/washing?

No, it is specifically chosen so that it does not leave marks on your clothes.


5)      Does washing make the Laundry Ladder black?

We have never experienced this problem and have been using our Laundry Ladders for many years.


6)      Can you deliver in Europe?

We regularly deliver Laundry Ladders in Europe - approximate cost £35 - £45.  

If you send us your address/shipping details to info@juluhome.co.uk  we can to send you a more accurate quote, please be mindful there are certain areas which are more expensive. 


7)      Can you deliver worldwide?

We have delivered Laundry Ladders to most continents but it can be expensive.  If you would like a quote for delivery please email us at info@juluhome.co.uk with your address details and we will be happy to send you a delivery quotation.